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The properties are logically located in a favorable location - in the immediate vicinity of Muuga Harbour, Maardu Railway Station and Tallinn-St. Petersburg Road, near Muuga and Kallavere residential areas and just a few kilometers from the largest residential area of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia (2,9 km from Muuga Harbour, 600 m from the existing railway, 15 km from Tallinn Airport, 1 km from Maardu city and 7 km from Lasnamäe, the largest residential area).

It is also noteworthy that the Rail Baltic (finally from Helsinki to Berlin) track will be passing just aside from the area and the constructing of the 1st stage of the track (from Tallinn to Warsaw) will start in 20...

According to the general plan of Maardu city, the properties belong to the Koordi industrial area, which main development is the creation of a flexible, demand-driven production and business environment. The main part of the area is the former phosphate plant area. The intended purpose of the plots is commercial.

Due to the location between Muuga Harbour and Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway, it has the potential to become the main transit corridor and a logistics center between two important sites.

Naturally, immovables are located on a rocky plain, inclined towards the north and west.

Kinnistute andmed

  address plot size m2 building's lying surface max height of bulidings max floors max buildings purpouse of use
  Võsanõmme tee 4 23600 14200 16 4 10 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme tee 5 8288 5000 18 5 4 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme tee 6 11510 7000 12 3 5 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme tee 7 8174 5000 18 5 4 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme tee 8 11762 6600 12 3 6 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme põik 3 9093 5500 18 5 5 Ä20T80
  Võsanõmme põik 5 8804 5300 18 5 5 Ä20T80

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25 eur/m2 + km

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